Prepare Your Backyard For Mosquito Season

Prepare Your Backyard For Mosquito Season


Before we know it, mosquitoes will be making their presence known in Topeka, Kansas City and across the Midwest. Mosquitoes generally come out in the spring when there are sufficient breeding grounds, aka stagnant water. Not only are mosquitoes a serious threat because of the miserable bites they can leave on our skin but they are also of concern due to the fact that their bites are like tiny injections into the skin. West Nile virus is perhaps one of the most noted mosquito-transmitted illnesses and just one of the reasons why now is the time to prepare your backyard for the upcoming mosquito season.


The best method of mosquito prevention is to eliminate mosquito breeding grounds before they have the chance to lay thousands of eggs and rapidly multiply. This means removing all sources of standing water on the property.


  • empty buckets, plant pots, toys or any other items that are collecting water

  • fill in holes in the yard that hold water after a rainstorm

  • clean out gutters of debris so there is no stagnant water collecting in them

  • if ditches are collecting with stagnant water, dig them out until water flows

  • keep hot tubs and pools closed when they are not being used


In addition to these tips to prepare your property for the upcoming mosquito season, we also recommend our mosquito control services in Kansas City, Topeka and throughout our service area. If you have an event or party coming up and don’t want to let mosquitoes take over, then our mosquito treatment is perfect to get rid of mosquitoes before your guests arrive. Not to mention that with mosquito control also comes the reduced threat of West Nile virus as well as other mosquito-transmitted illnesses.


To learn more about how to control mosquitoes in your backyard, please give us a call at Schendel Pest Services.