Prevent The Pests That Love Our Pets

Prevent The Pests That Love Our Pets


While the summer is coming to a quick end, it does not mean that you or your pets are in the clear when it comes to pests such as fleas and ticks. So even as the heat waves subside, the temperatures are going to remain comfortable for fleas and ticks for quite some time. Before you risk the chances of a home flea infestation or tick bites, make sure you learn these tips to prevent the blood thirsty pests that love our pets as well as us.

  • Watch the transitional zones on your property where the woods meet the lawn or a path. This is where ticks are likely to be found so these areas are best avoided by you and your pets.

  • Keep the lawn well mowed as tall grass is another place that ticks are likely to hide out.

  • Keep your pets up to date on all of the flea and tick treatments which should be bought at your local veterinarian’s office to ensure they are effective.

  • Check your pets each day for any traces of fleas or ticks on their fur and bodies.

  • Vacuum your home regularly to be sure that you avoid major flea infestations.

  • Wash linens on your bed, especially if your pets have bed privileges.

  • Wash and inspect your pet’s bedding as well for any hopping fleas.

One more concern, although not as common, is that bed bugs can be troublesome to your pets. If your home has recently had a bed bug infestation you will want to check your pet’s bedding for any signs of bed bugs. Although they prefer human blood, they will settle for animals if need be.

Keep in mind that despite your rigorous pest prevention techniques, it is still possible that a flea will hop onto you or your pet, or that a tick will latch on in crossing. If you notice flu like symptoms after a tick bite, seek medical care to be tested for potential Lyme disease. But if you see ticks on  your property or if fleas have infested your home (and boy do they come on strong) then make sure to contact us at Schendel Pest right away!

We provide safe and effective flea and tick control solutions for homes in Topeka and Kansas City as well as throughout our service area that are safe for families and pets.