Problems Clover Mites Cause

Problems Clover Mites Cause


Never seen or heard of clover mites? Well, they are extremely tiny, about the size of a pinhead! They have 8 legs, are oval and are related to spiders and ticks. They are quite a nuisance pest as they feed on the juice of grass, plants and you guessed it, clover. That’s why they like to invade yards and lawns.

Clover mites are not particularly dangerous outdoors, except perhaps annoying to have around. The problem is when they gain access to the inside of your home through cracks and crevices, they can cause damage indoors. They can stain furniture, clothing, walls, ceilings, and floors when squeezed or crushed, as they leave red marks that can be difficult to remove.

Preventing clover mites can be hard because of their size. Sealing all entry points into your home can limit them. It is nearly impossible to seal up all tiny points of entry that they can fit into. A barrier around your home can prevent them from getting close to your home in the first place. However, do-it-yourself pest control can be time consuming, frustrating, dangerous and may not end with successful results.

Your best bet is to contact a professional pest control technician to eradicate these pests as soon as you see any signs of infestation. An even better solution is to secure a year-round pest control service to prevent an infestation in the first place. This will give you peace of mind from the worries of any damage to the inside of your home.

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Our PestZero Guarantee means your home will stay pest free for the entire year. This includes an initial interior and exterior service by our experienced technicians, followed by quarterly follow-ups to ensure pests are controlled. Any treatments needed between follow-ups are provided at no additional cost.

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