Problems Overwintering Wildlife Pests Bring To Homes

Problems Overwintering Wildlife Pests Bring To Homes


Where would you rather live during the winter, inside your perfectly warmed home with stockpiles of food and a comfy bed to lay your head down at night, or inside a cold stump in the woods? You would choose option one, right? It’s in our nature to seek out the most suitable place for us to live. The problem with wildlife pests is that they are very similar-minded. They too view our homes as a better choice as the colder months roll around. As a homeowner, this raises more than a few problems.

All Across America Wildlife Pests Are Looking To Invade

As the weather gets cooler, many wildlife pests have their hearts set on spending their winters in and around our warm homes. This raises quite a few concerns. For one, wildlife pests often do not invade homes without leaving a fair amount of destruction in their wake. Shingles are not meant to be climbed on, blocked off porches are not meant to be squeezed under, and sheds are a place to store our belongings, not a place for furry pests to move into. When wildlife creatures invade into areas that are not meant to host them, damage is sure to follow.

If wildlife does manage to get into your home, they bring diseases and a general lack of sanitation with them. Birds do not consider your health when they roost in your attic and leave their droppings wherever they please. Critters such as raccoons raise a different threat in the form of the parasitic pests that hitchhike into homes with them. This becomes an even greater threat if you have pets because it’s only a matter of time before those parasitic pests, such as fleas, ticks, and mites start jumping off in search of a new host, a host that very well might be one of your furry friends.

Why Wildlife Pests Are Best Handled By The Professionals

The problem with wildlife pests is that every one of them is different, and each unique pest requires special treatment when it comes to removal and exclusion. Luckily, here at Schendel, we have been mastering how to exclude and handle pests for over 70 years. We are ready to tackle your home’s needs in a way that best protects you. When it comes to winter pests, we want to help. Keep the wild in the wild this winter, and let the professionals here at Schendel protect you and your family today.