Put Bed Bugs To Bed With Schendel

Put Bed Bugs To Bed With Schendel


Bed bugs are unfortunately still an issue for both home and business owners all across the country, including Kansas. At Schendel we have a secret weapon that helps us to win the war on bed bugs, our bed bug canine inspection dogs. We have specially trained K-9 bed bug detection dogs that very accurately and quickly identify all life-stages (adults, nymphs, eggs) of bed bugs in a home or business. Our dogs trained noses can find bed bugs in areas that humans just can’t; inside of furniture, underneath of floors and carpets, and even behind walls. These canine detectives can come in and inspect almost any residential or commercial establishment with minimum interruption.

You may now be asking yourself, why are bed bugs so difficult for people to find and get rid of? Well, there are several reasons; their flat oval shaped bodies-think apple seed, were designed to perfectly hide inside the cracks and crevices of mattresses, box springs, walls, and wooden furniture. Also, they may not be able to fly or jump but they are Olympic crawlers. They can move very efficiently through the walls of homes and businesses, meaning they won’t just be invading one spot in a home or business, they will be found in many different areas. And finally, they only come out at night when people are sleeping, so often people don’t even know bed bugs have invaded their property until the infestation has become fairly large.

But don’t worry, even though it is difficult to find and eliminate them, it certainly isn’t impossible, especially with Schendel’s bed bug team on your side! If bed bugs are discovered in your property we can eliminate them through heat remediation services. Heat is an environmentally friendly way to eliminate and control bed bugs which offers minimal disruption to you -in fact you can re-enter as soon as treatment is complete. We were one of the first in our market to offer heat treatments and continue to utilize this innovative approach.

If you suspect that your home or business has been infested by bed bugs call Schendel to and let us solve your bed bug problem. Schendel Pest Services has been in the business of pest control since 1947 and specializes in inspection and elimination services to completely and safely rid bed bugs from your property. We will work with and won’t stop until your bed bug problem has been put to bed!

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