Rain May Create Ideal Conditions For Mosquitoes

Rain May Create Ideal Conditions For Mosquitoes


KSN News 3
August 24, 2012
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WICHITA, Kan. — Rain brought much-needed relief Friday, after days of bone-dry conditions that left ponds and rivers dried-up and fish, belly-up.
Friday’s rainfall wasn’t quite enough to undo the damage.

Some experts say that water could be enough to help out mosquito populations.

“With the warm weather, and with shallow water conditions, you provide a lot of habitat for mosquitoes,” said Charlie Cope with the Kan. Department of Wildlife.

The weather, perfect for mosquitoes, comes just as people across the country and here in Kansas battle West Nile, the virus many of the pests are carrying.

At last check, Sedgwick County had 33 reported cases and Friday brought new numbers for the entire state as the CDC confirmed five of Kansas’ reported cases and listed as 14 probable.

“The tests that are being done here that make us think we have West Nile are coming back positive, however, we cannot consider it confirmed until CDC lab test work is done,” said Seth Konkel with the Sedgwick County Health Department.

There’s no vaccine or cure for the virus.

Officials say the best way to steer clear is to take preventative measures, which means wearing long sleeves, and a bug spray with deet in it, and most importantly, keep standing water away from your property.

”Any standing water that is not going to be changed in two days could contribute to mosquitoes,” said Brandon Glenn with Schendel Pest Services.

With rain expected to continue throughout the weekend, then back to hot temperatures next week, experts say that could create perfect conditions for mosquitoes.

”That warm weather speeds up the re-production of the mosquitoes,” said Cope.

Any standing water could be a problem.

”It is going to be the saucer on your plant, you know, or your bird bath that is full or an old tire that is sitting out somewhere that water could get on the inside,” said Glenn.

Other tips for preventing mosquitoes include dumping out buckets with water and cleaning debris from gutters.

Also, check around A-C units and faucets for leaks and clean up puddles.

Experts say you can stock ornamental pools with top feeding minnows, known as mosquito fish.

They also advise filling stumps or tree holes with with mortar.