Schendel Launches New Service For Moles, Gophers And Voles

Schendel Pest Services Launches New Service Program Aimed At Eliminating Moles


Schendel Pest Services has launched a new service program aimed at eliminating moles, gophers and voles from homeowners’ yards.  Moles, gophers and voles create holes and tunnels underground, resulting in unsightly lawns and damage to the root systems of trees and plants.

“We are excited to introduce this new service program to the Topeka community.  Its development is a direct result of feedback from current and prospective customers, who often ask what can be done to stop moles, gophers and voles from destroying their yards,” says Brent Boles, Schendel president.  “Customers have two treatment options to best meet their needs, both of which include initial inspection, treatment and monitoring.”

Moles have eyes buried in fur, no ears that show, a long, naked snout and paddle-shaped forelegs that are clearly designed for digging. Moles can eat up to 100% of their body weight daily, with earthworms being their main source of food.  They can dig up to 100 feet of tunnel daily, and leave unsightly mounds of dirt piled in yards. 

Gophers are a small rodent about five to seven inches long, not including the tail. They have a very short tail, tiny ears and eyes and huge yellowish front teeth which are always exposed. Gophers, like moles, leave dirt mounds behind, but in a crescent or horseshoe shape.

Voles are blunt-nosed, short-tailed mice that are heavy vegetation eaters. The vole’s meal of choice is bulbs and hostas. Voles can flourish in the winter and are the most prolific rodent. Two can multiply into 100 in a single year. The major sign of vole activity is one-inch diameter holes. Voles construct well-defined, visible tunnels, or runways at or near the surface, about two inches wide. They do not leave a dirt mound.

Schendel Launches New Service For Moles, Gophers And Voles in Kansas, Missouri and Arizona

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