Schendel Pest Services Warns That Warm Weather Brings Ants Inside Homes

Schendel Pest Services Warns That Warm Weather Brings Ants Inside Homes


April 14, 2010 (Topeka, KS) – As the No. 1 nuisance pest in the United States, ants often become a problem in the warmer weather, as they move indoors in search of food.  With more than 700 species of ants in the U.S. and about two dozen classified as pests, many homeowners will likely encounter these unwelcome visitors.

“Most people don’t realize that ant infestations can pose serious risks,” says Brent Boles, president of Schendel. “From costly property damage to food contamination, ants jeopardize a person’s health and safety.  Homeowners must pay close attention to signs of a potential infestation and take action when ants are found.”

The most common home-invading species include odorous and nonodorous house ants. These ants will eat almost anything including fruit, meat and cheese, and can contaminate food sources that they infest.  One of the most destructive species is the carpenter ant, which tunnels through wood to build its nest. These insects tunnel through decaying wood before attacking undamaged wood. A carpenter ant infestation can cause severe property damage, which is usually not covered by homeowners’ insurance.

Schendel offers the following preventative measures for keeping ants out of the home:

•    Seal cracks and crevices around foundations that allow entry from the outside as well as cracks and crevices inside the home.

•    Store sugar, syrup, honey and other sweets in closed containers and wipe the outside of the containers to eliminate any sticky residue.

•    Dispose of trash regularly to prevent ants from becoming a problem indoors.

•    Thoroughly clean up grease and spills.

•    Inspect potted plants inside the home for signs of nesting and remove the plants at the first sign of an infestation.

•    Rinse out empty soft-drink containers and store them away from the home.

•    Reduce moisture in and around structures that may be attractive to ants by repairing leaking hose bibs and other supply lines, downspouts, drain lines and air conditioner condensate lines.


About Schendel Pest:  Schendel Pest Services has provided complete pest management services to commercial, industrial, and residential clients since 1947.  Schendel’s corporate office is located in Topeka, Kansas and Schendel provides services to customers in five states – Arizona, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma.  Additionally, Schendel Pest Services is a partner with Copesan Services, which enables the company to sell and service commercial accounts on a national basis.


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