Secret Weapon Against Bed Bugs

Secret Weapon Against Bed Bugs


There is a war going on in the United States. An age-old enemy has resurfaced after a short retreat and is slowly spreading its armies across our country at an alarming rate. They hide in the shadows. They know where we sleep. And they attack without warning. That’s right. We’re talking about bed bugs. These tiny blood-eating insects are making a comeback here in the states. But you don’t have to take their bites lying down. We’re going to go “under covers” and see how this enemy wages its war against our tender skin, and reveal to you the secret weapon that is going to help us take back our beds.

Enemy Tactics

This is not an enemy that crawls across the front yards and squeezes in through cracks in your exterior walls, it is brought in on guests. For this reason, bed bugs are extremely hard to battle. Homeowners don’t want to shake down every person that comes to stay the night, nor treat the room they stayed in like a crime scene. It just isn’t polite. And, there is no way for business owners to know who is bringing bed bugs into their establishments. These bugs don’t hide on dirty people. They’ll hitch a ride on anyone.

Home Front

How do families battle bed bugs? They must continually be on the defensive. They must know what signs to look for when they leave their home to go anywhere. They need to know that bed bugs infest a wide variety of places, like taxis, buses, trains, planes, boats, and sleep accommodations.They also need to have a game plan for when friends and family come to spend the night.

Battling Bed Bugs In Businesses

How do companies protect themselves from these blood-eating bugs? They need to train staff to recognize what these bugs look like, and what signs they leave behind. They need to have a plan to respond quickly and professionally when guests or customers report these bugs. And, they must have ongoing inspections from a professional pest control company to catch infestation before these bugs can harm guests.

The Secret Weapon

The problem with the tactics we are using right now is that bed bugs still slip by our watchful eyes. So, pest control companies are turning to the watchful noses of canine bed bug inspectors. Dogs are able to sniff out all stages of bed bugs, even bed bugs still inside their eggs, and they do it quickly without disturbing the room they are inspecting. This makes dogs a fast and efficient early warning system for bed bugs.

If you want to stop bed bugs “before” they strike, bed-bug-sniffing dogs are the answer. As a homeowner, you won’t have to work so hard to keep an eye out for these bugs and pad down every guest who comes into your home. And, as a business, you won’t have to have human bed bug inspectors turning all your rooms upside down. Stop over to our info page and learn more about the K9 Unit here at Schendel Pest Services. Stop this enemy in its tracks with help from the bed bug experts here at Schendel Pest Services.


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