Signs Your Topeka Home Needs Termite Control


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We are quickly heading into the most active part of the year for termites, the “silent invaders.” These wood-destroying pests usually live in colonies under your home, but can find their way inside your home through small cracks in your foundation. It has been documented that they have caused up to 5 billion dollars worth of damage each year. Homeowners have no way of knowing that termites are damaging their homes until it is too late.

It is important to know the signs, and seek immediate professional help if you have termites. Here are some signs to be looking for in your Topeka home:

  • Swarmers are a large number of winged insects emerging from the ground on a warm day looking to breed and make their own colonies. Sometimes they will do this inside your home and you will see the swarm, or you will find piles of wings in places like your basement.

  • Hollow wood that can be found by tapping on sections of wood that should be solid. If it sounds hollow, then most likely termites have eaten the wood from the inside out and should be replaced, especially if it is a structural beam.

  • Mud tubes about the width of a pencil will run along interior and exterior walls. They build these tubes to use as tunnels to get from their nest to their source of food, which is typically inside the wood in your home.

  • Obvious signs of live termites are not typical, but a sighting of one or two termites means there are more in the colony and that is a sign of serious trouble ahead for you and your home.

Termites will usually hide inside your walls, never rest, and are capable traveling long distances. Not only that, they live in large numbers and build satellite colonies. So getting rid of every single one by yourself is not very realistic, if not impossible. The best way to protect your home is to partner with Schendel Pest Services for ultimate termite control in Topeka, Kansas. We use advanced methods and treatment options for elimination that will keep termites at bay year-round, and it is all covered by an exclusive damage warranty. Why not join the many other satisfied customers of Schendel Pest Services today, and give us a call for more information about termite control as well as other common pests in your area.

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