Spider Control In Kansas

Spider Control In Kansas


Have you ever held a mouse in your hand? They are just about the cutest thing ever. Most people would agree one mouse is cute, but–a hundred mice crawling all over you is not cute – At all. The same cannot be said about spiders. It doesn’t matter if you have one spider or a thousand spiders crawling on you; it is not okay. Sure, you may be able to make a case intellectually that spiders don’t eat blood like ticks, bed bugs, or mosquitoes, and that they have no real interest in biting humans, but that doesn’t make it any more palatable to have these creatures living in your home. Spiders are just creepy. That is why life is better when they live outside, where they belong.

What is spider control?

It is widely agreed upon by entomologists that spiders are a beneficial pest. Spiders can eat a significant number of mosquitoes and other potentially harmful flying insects in a year. This makes them an asset around your property. The goal should never be to eradicate all spiders, but rather, to control where they are allowed to live.

How does Schendel control spiders?

Spider control is not a one-time fix. There is no silver bullet that will permanently keep spiders from coming near your exterior walls or inside your home. Spider control requires routine visits from a pest control professional. That’s why we offer it as part of our Premium Care program.

Stages Of Spider Control

  1. Interior and exterior inspection. Your certified Schendel technician will examine the inside and outside of your home for all pest activity.

  2. Interior control. All spiders inside will be eradicated using family-friendly spider treatments.

  3. Exterior control. A granular repellent is applied to the perimeter of your home to keep spiders from crawling up from the ground. A clear-drying liquid is applied to eaves, windows, doors and other exterior areas to control the flying insects spiders eat, and keep spiders off your exterior walls. A long-lasting dust is injected into vulnerable entry points, like around plumbing, outlets and other objects that pass through your basement walls.

  4. Quarterly visits. Your certified Schendel technician will perform routine inspections and treatments to ensure that pests continue to be controlled around your home, ensuring that the interior stays pest-free. In fact, we give our customers our PestZero Guarantee. If you find pests between visits, we’ll come back and take care of them for free.

For spider protection in Kansas, you can trust Schendel’s Premium Care Program. Give us a call and get your home protected from spiders, and a host of other invasive pests, starting today.