Spring Cleaning Helps Keep Spring Pests Away!

Spring Cleaning Helps Keep Spring Pests Away!


Here it is! Another spring has finally arrived and you are busy adding to and taking away from your spring to-do list. But, have you ever really stopped to think about why, exactly, it is that spring is the time of year when you tackle all those chores? I mean, why not in summer or fall? Why is it that spring has always been dealt the lion’s share of workload? Think about it! As far back as you can remember spring was equated with chores. Preparing the garden in spring just makes sense. It’s when gardens need to be readied in order to plant and harvest a crop during the proper weather conditions. You get that! – But what about ‘spring cleaning’ and all those chores that go with it?

I mean as far back as you can remember, people have done those specific chores in spring. Your mother did spring cleaning, your grandmother did spring cleaning, and even your great grandmother did spring cleaning. Probably all the ‘greats’ back to the beginning of time did spring cleaning. Is it just a thing that we have passed down from generation to generation or is there real value to this thing we call spring cleaning?

I can assure you that spring cleaning has intrinsic value and is not just a mindless tradition passed down through the ages. Not only does dust and dirt build up over the months that your home has been shut up due to cold weather, but pests have also been lurking in your walls, attics, crawlspaces, and basements to escape the cold. Sure, you may not have any of the biggies like mice or rats, but it is almost certain that you have seen those ugly annoying spider webs hanging around the corners of your home this winter. And, where there are spiders, let’s face it, there is spider food. That thought can easily be passed over, but think for a moment – what do spiders eat? Bugs, of course! So it only stands to reason that if you have spiders roaming the walls of your home, you probably have insects there also.

I admit, they may not be the dangerous type of insect such as cockroaches or termites, but all insects have the potential to contaminate food supplies. Some even spread illnesses to humans or leave a trail of bacteria and other pathogens wherever they tread. You don’t just do your spring cleaning to rid your home of dust or to throw away those items that you haven’t used in a year, but you spring clean in order to eliminate the germs that tiny insects have spread throughout their winter stay in your home.

You can make your spring cleaning list smaller and save a whole bunch of illness or stress by calling Schendel Pest Services. We offer affordable year-round protection from many of the most common pests that will invade your Midwest home or business. With year-round protection, you will not have to worry about cockroaches, spiders, or any other pest messing up your home next winter – making your cleaning a breeze next spring!