Spring Pests to Watch Out For in Lawrence, Kansas

Spring is when temperatures start to warm, and pests in Lawrence, Kansas come out in full force to search for food, shelter, and water. Many of these bugs will attempt to make a new home out of your residence and on your property given the right conditions. If wanderlust strikes after being indoors for most of the winter, spring travel can also be a catalyst for bed bug infestations.

Are bugs active in the spring in Lawrence, Kansas?

Springtime is the most common time for pests to make themselves known, and some of them will be harder to spot than others. The most common pests that come out in springtime in Lawrence, KS include:

  • Ticks
  • Bed Bugs
  • Termites
  • Ants

Although there are a lot of bugs whose activity increases in spring, these are the most common that you’ll encounter.

Where do bugs live in my home?

Many spring pests in Lawrence, KS make their homes both inside and outside of buildings, and you’ll find that each type of pest has unique preferences for their living conditions.

Bed bugs, for example, will likely make their home near a potential host as they rest for significant periods of time. This can range from beds to fabric furniture. Even when hosts aren’t resting, behind peeling wallpaper, electrical socket plates, and hung artwork in bedrooms can be hiding spots for bed bugs. Termites live both underground and within homes while ants live outdoors and venture inside for food and water. Ticks are different than bed bugs, termites, and ants because they solely live and breed outdoors. If you find a tick indoors, it’s because it fell off of yourself or a pet. Without a host, they cannot survive.

Which bugs are active in the spring?


Ticks become active while weather becomes warmer in March, continuing through early fall. When ticks emerge, the threat of disease rises. They live and thrive in areas where vegetation is unkempt or infrequently trimmed. By latching on to blades of grass or plants, ticks wait for a host such as wildlife, pets, or humans to brush past. Rather than jumping, ticks quickly latch on to their victim with the goal of feeding blood. Warm places such as arm pits, behind or within ears, between toes of dog paws, or by the groin are common tick feeding points.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can be found at all times of the year, and spring is no exception. Rather than seasonal weather, human travel influences the likelihood of a bed bug infestation. If you are traveling more frequently in the spring, you will increase the chances of a bed bug infestation in your home. Bed bugs don’t live outside in nature and are not attracted to dirty conditions. They are looking for a host to feed off. Unfortunately, that means you.


Termites are not dangerous to people but are very dangerous to the structures of homes and other buildings. The tunnels that termites create behind the walls, underneath the floors, and above the ceilings can dangerously weaken the home or building’s structural integrity.

A termite swarm usually occurs in the spring after a heavy rain when the termite colony has matured and has reached a certain size. The winged reproductive members of the colony will swarm from the nest during the day in order to mate. Once mating occurs they drop their wings and the females find a new location to start a new termite colony in. This process begins and the lifecycle continues unless the colony is reduced or eliminated. Although termite activity becomes more abundant in the spring, termites are a year-round problem for Lawrence, KS residents and business owners.


Tiny black ants called “nuisance ants” are problematic for many homeowners in Lawrence, KS. You might find them crawling or trailing throughout your bathroom or kitchen. When spring hits, the warmer weather invigorates the colonies, kick starting the search for water and food. This can seemingly happen out of nowhere because of their uncanny ability to sneak into your cabinets or under dishwashers. Nuisance ants are fairly resilient when it comes to homemade or DIY ant traps. It’s always best to contact Schendel for professional ant removal.

Since spring comes with warming temperatures that draw out pests, spring pest control is essential for preventing infestations on your property, and that starts by identifying the potential pests, assessing current infestation levels, and devising a plan for how to best deal with them swiftly and safely. Our customized pest control plans provide full coverage against ticks, bed bugs, termites, and ants. If you suspect that you have pests in your home, or if you want to prevent them before they infest, call the professionals at Schendel Pest Services!