Stink Bugs In Winter?

Stink Bugs In Winter?


They’re crawling on your television during the best part of that movie you’ve been waiting to see. They’re dive bombing you while you’re having dinner with the family. Your cat is eating them–and you can tell by your cat’s distinct behavior that it was not a pleasant experience. Why are you dealing with stink bugs in winter? Here are a couple of possibilities.

  1. We’ve had some warm days this January. The temperature has gotten up into the 60s a few times, and that can be confusing for a stink bug that is hiding in some nook or cranny on the outside of your home. These bugs don’t look at a calendar to decide when it is time to overwinter. These insects react to the rise and fall of the temperature. When the sun begins to warm your siding, stink bugs that are hiding underneath will venture out in search of food. Why? Because stink bugs don’t hibernate. They just sit still and conserve their energy until conditions change outside, allowing them to feed again.

  2. Increased temperatures outside create increased temperatures inside. When the sun warms the exterior of your home, it will also warm your wall voids. If stink bugs are living in a cold area of your wall voids, the increase in temperature can inspire them to start searching for food inside your home.

  3. If stinks bugs have overwintered in a warm area of your home, it won’t matter what the temperature is outside. All that will matter is whether or not they can find holes to access the living spaces in your home and whether or not there is food available.

You can tell a stink bug that doesn’t have access to a food source. They will be crawling slowly or sitting completely stationary. If you have flying stink bugs that are gingerly crawling all over everything, they are feeding on something.

What do stink bugs eat? It can vary depending on species. Some stink bugs feed on stems and leaves of ornamental plants and on insects that eat these plants. But, all stink bugs will dine on fruit you leave out on the counter. So, make sure to keep your fruit in the fridge or in a protective bag.

If you’ve had all you can stand of stink bugs, and other household pests, invading your home consider a professional pest plan. Year-round pest protection from Schendel Pest Services isn’t just an amazing convenience or quality of life upgrade, it will also protect your family and your home from the many harmful effects pests can have like: bites and stings, illness, wood damage, and damage to your belongings. Stop those stink bugs before they enter. Life is better without bugs, just give us a call and they will be a memory.


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