Termite Control: What To Expect

Termite Control: What To Expect


You have scheduled your termite control service. Now it’s time to get the destructive pests out of your walls. But, now you have some questions about the service. Do you have to leave your home? Are you getting one treatment or more? What happens to the termites when they die? Relax. We’ve got this. Here is what you can expect when you sign up for termite control.

Why Do You Need Termite Control?

You cannot simply spray a can of bug killer on termites and call it a day. The dangers of termites are far too great. Termites live in large colonies, and they destroy your house under the cover of darkness. Termites can cause a lot of damage over a short period of time. In as few as three years, termites can damage a structure to the point of it being unfit for humans to live in. The worst part about an infestation is your insurance company may not cover the damage. That expense comes out of your pocket.
Termites are not considered a health hazard to you and your family. Termites will bite and sting if they feel threatened or if they are being handled, but they don’t warrant a hospital visit.

What to Expect from Termite Control

To protect your family and your home, you scheduled termite control with Schendel Pest Services. Here is a quick rundown of what you can expect when we show up.

  • A thorough inspection of your home or business – Schendel Pest Services experts will inspect your home for termite activity and the potential for termite damage.
  • Destruction of the destroyers – We get to work fast to stop the termites right away. That is priority number one. To get rid of termites – we don’t just get rid of one or two; we kill the entire colony with our elimination system.
  • We detect and bait – We use a state-of-the-art system to detect termite activity. Once we identify the location, we bait the termites in. Once the termites share the bait with the colony, the colony dies.
  • Monitor and protect – We don’t call it a day after the first visit. Schendel Pest Services monitors your home or business annually to make sure the termites have not returned.
  • We guarantee it – The final stage of your termite control plan is the guarantee. Our termite damage warranty covers the costs of any damage done to your home by termites within the first 90 days of receiving your termite treatment. We will also monitor your home for termite activity for up to a year.

Small termite control costs now can save you hundreds or thousands later. Call Schendel Pest Services and ask us how you can get termites out of your home.