Termites And Real Estate Inspections In Kansas

Termites And Real Estate Inspections In Kansas


Does your real estate agent have a friendly smile and a welcoming personality? That’s great. Now look past those things and get to what really matters. Do they know how to properly determine whether or not you’re stepping into a money pit? Here is what you’ll need to know to protect yourself.

Home inspections are important. But do you know that a certified home inspector isn’t trained or qualified to check for termites? Not knowing this could cost you thousands or, worse, leave you paying for a house you can’t even live in.

Termites are a silent pest that can live in the walls of a home for years without an owner ever realizing it. Often it is only after winged swarmers come pouring out of the walls that the threat is known. This actually happened in our own White House, not 30 feet from the Oval Office. If termites can live secretly in the walls of the White House for years, they can live in the walls of your new home without being noticed.

You may be fortunate and have an FHA lender who requires a WDO inspection. That is a wood destroying organism inspection. If that is the case, they’ll walk your agent through the details of the process, which includes a condition that the new home should have an NPMA-33 form filled out by a certified termite inspector.

If you have one of the many lenders in Kansas that only require that a home be ‘habitable,’ you’ll want to make sure this process is taken care of. Contact a pest and termite control company and ask them if they fill out an NPMA-33 form. If they do, you know your investment will be safe from termites.

Buying a home may be the largest investment you’ll ever make. Don’t allow termites to be an oversight. Get a certified termite inspector to safeguard your purchase and help you make a sound decision. Once those papers are signed, there’s no going back. If there is a termite problem, that problem is now yours. Don’t inherit someone else’s problems. You have dreams to make in that house–not nightmares. Take the steps needed to secure your future.