The Choice To Get Pest Insulation

The Choice To Get Pest Insulation


We make a lot of choices in life. Some of the choices we make require a lot of thought while others are made with little or no thought at all. Some choices we make come with a ton of benefits, and others just have a single benefit. Insulation is one of those purchases that have the potential to be either.

Most insulation has one purpose: it insulates. And, while it has only that one benefit–keeping heat from escaping our homes in the winter–it is well worth the investment. All of that lost heat costs us a ton of money. And, most of us would prefer to buy a new 4k television with the extra money we spent out to the fuel or electric company last year. Right?

But, what if you could get all of the insulating benefits of new insulation with a ton of other benefits as well? Would you do it?

What benefits? We’re glad you asked.

You probably already noticed the word “pest” in the description of this article, so let’s start there. When you get pest insulation for your home, you still save money on your heating bill in the winter, and money on your cooling bill in the summer, but you have the added benefit of making your home more resistant to invading pests. That is because pest insulation contains borate, which is known to kill many household invading pests, including termites. If you want fewer cockroaches, silverfish, ants, earwigs, beetles, and termites, this insulation is the right choice for your home.

While your pest insulation is lowering your energy bills and keeping household pests at bay, it will also be protecting your home from a house fire and mold contamination. Pest control insulation is proven to be fire and mold resistant.

It’s also great for the environment! The insulation we install is made from 87% recycled materials, and the borates leave a much smaller environmental footprint than pesticides!

“Okay. I’m sold. But what if I already have insulation?”

No problem. You can enjoy all of these benefits even if you already have insulation. Pest insulation can be applied over your current insulation, filling in gaps and holes that have developed over time, and giving you even more of a barrier to keep those energy bills down. Plus, you’ll have protection from pests, fire, and mold.

At Schendel Pest Services, we’ve been providing expert pest control since 1947, and we strongly recommend pest insulation for guarding against invasive, destructive, and illness-spreading pests. If you’re ready to add all of the benefits of pest insulation to your home, call to set up an appointment with a Schendel insulation installer today.