The Many Benefits Of Professional Rodent Treatment

The Many Benefits Of Professional Rodent Treatment


How do you combat an intruder that almost never leaves the walls of your home? You trap it, right? What if the intruder eludes your traps and adds insult to injury by eating the bait you set to lure them in–without setting off the trap? Maybe you search for another solution? What if the next solution contains dangerous chemicals that could threaten the health of you and your family members? What then? Dealing with rodent infestations can seem impossible, but we are here to assure you, you can win.

Winning Against Rodents

We have already established that dealing with rodents that have already invaded can prove to be difficult. This is why blocking their way in and removing things that attract them is so vitally important.

Make Your Home a Fortress

First things first, start from the base of your home. Work around your foundation, looking for any holes and cracks that rodents might use to invade. A good fact to keep in mind is that the average mouse only needs a hole the size of a nickel to squeeze into your home. Seal these entry points with a caulking gun, then move on to your windows and doors. Look for any gaps or crevices around doors and window frames that may also give rodents a way in and use the caulking gun again as you did on your foundation. Make sure your window screens are in good condition and consider installing door sweeps beneath all exterior doors. The great thing about these exclusion tips is that they don’t just keep out rodents, but also do a good job at helping to keep out other unwanted pests.

Reduce What Draws Them In

Rodents are attracted by a number of factors—mainly food—and at this time of year, warmth. Let’s start by keeping food out of their reach. Store leftover foods in airtight containers and off countertops. In the same way, consider moving dried foods such as cereals and dog food from boxes and bags that rodents can chew through into plastic tubs.

Why Professional Rodent Treatment is so Important

DIY tips are all well and good, but if you cannot stop rodents before they invade, kicking them out can be next to impossible. Especially without the proper knowledge of proper pest control techniques. The good news is that Schendel has just that. We have been finding new and better ways to handle rodents since 1947, and we can certainly handle yours. Call Schendel today to learn more about our residential pest control options.