Tips To Avoid Centipede Invasions

Tips To Avoid Centipede Invasions


Do you remember that old video game called centipede? You can actually still find it and play it as an arcade game right on the internet. Do you remember the hours and hours you spent doing battle with the centipedes as they slithered their way down your screen toward your base shooter as you shot mushrooms out of the way and occasionally having to contend with a random spider as well? Well coincidentally as adults it seems all things are new again as we have to constantly do battle with centipedes again as nuisance pests invading your home. They are creepy looking and will scare just about anyone they skitter towards inside your home.

Real life centipedes are yellowish, tan, to dark brown and sometimes have stripes or other markings. They have segmented flat bodies that can grow up to 6” in length. They don’t have 100 legs like their name implies but will have  15-177 pairs instead. They eat spiders, roaches, larvae, and other insect pests. They will usually stay outdoors in the trash, leaf piles, mulch, rotted wood, or under rocks. However, if the weather is not to their liking they will work their way into homes through tiny cracks in exterior walls and foundations, as well as other openings. Centipedes will prefer a habitat that is dark and moist inside your home in the basement or in closets. These annoying pest luckily are not dangerous, however, they can bite and cause pain, but they don’t carry diseases.

Centipede DIY is ineffective since they are very good at hiding, and you don’t want to get into dangerous, time-consuming, and sometimes messy treatment methods anyway. Of course, you can seal off all entry points and limit moisture inside your home, but somehow these clever little pests still get inside. It is always wise to enlist the help of professional pest control experts to take care of any pest problems you have in your home. Our trained professional staff at Schendel Pest Control are experienced in all facets of pests, including identification, location, and complete and thorough elimination.

Our trained professionals will use the least amount of product necessary while still providing 100% effective results. We use EPA registered products and follow stringent guidelines. Our PestZero Guarantee will assure you that we will return at no additional fee if pests return. Year-round professional pest control with Schendel Pest Services may be the perfect plan for you as you battle this real-life invasion, and no joystick is needed. Just give Schendel Pest Control a call and get started today.