Warmer Weather Brings Termites

Warmer Weather Brings Termites


Despite the snow many of us experienced this past weekend, spring is here and the temperatures are beginning to warm. In the world of pests, that means one thing—termites will soon begin to swarm. Because of the increased moisture we experienced this winter, there is an even greater risk of termite activity this spring. In fact, some areas have already experienced a swarm. As homeowners, we spend a lot of time and money on our homes. For many of us, it’s the most expensive investment we’ll ever make. I’d encourage you to schedule a termite inspection this spring. Schendel offers termite inspections at no charge. We can tell you if you have active termites or if there is evidence of damage. If there is termite activity, our Schendel Termite Elimination and Protection Program is family and environmentally-friendly and guaranteed. Most homeowners’ insurance policies don’t coverage damage done by termites (which is estimated at $5 billion per year by the National Pest Management Association), so taking the time to schedule an annual inspection could save you a lot of money.

There are some things you can do to prevent termites:

• Termites love moisture; avoid moisture accumulation around the foundation of your home.

• Prevent termites by diverting water away with properly functioning downspouts, gutters and splash blocks.

• Reduce humidity in crawl spaces with proper ventilation.

• Prevent shrubs, vines and other vegetation from growing over and covering vents.

• Be sure to remove old form boards, grade stakes, etc., left in place after the building was constructed.

• Remove old tree stumps and roots around and beneath the building. • Most importantly, eliminate any wood contact with the soil. An 18-inch gap between the soil and wood portions of the building is ideal.

For more information about termites and their habits, click here.

I hope you and your family have some time to enjoy the spring weather!