What Are These Brown Patches On My Lawn?

What Are These Brown Patches On My Lawn?


Have you seen them? Large patches of brown, dead grass? If you ask a neighbor what causes those ugly patches they’ll probably tell you, grubs. And, they may be right. But whether they are right or wrong, you’re going to want to know how brown patches are a warning sign of moles.

What brown grass means to moles.

If those brown patches are caused by grubs, your lawn is providing even more incentive for yard-damaging moles to move in. Don’t get me wrong, moles can be in a healthy lawn. Healthy lawns have an abundance of earthworms and a typical mole can eat forty pounds of worms in a year. But when you have grubs, you add another tasty food source that will make moles happy as a pig in slop.

Brown grass may only be moles.

If you have patches of brown grass, you may not have a grub problem at all. When moles move in, they damage grass root systems and leave brown patches of dead grass. These will usually be accompanied by tunneling, some of which will be visible on the surface of your lawn. They will appear as raised up veins running in a random direction–exactly what you would expect from a critter that is blind.

What moles mean for your lawn.

Moles dig exit holes and leave mounds of dirt all over your yard. Their tunneling is unsightly. They eat plants. And, they destroy root systems. But what is worse, the tunneling you can’t see will remain, even if the moles are caught or killed. That makes your yard attractive to other moles looking for an easy starter-lawn.

What do I do about moles?

You’ll need to get a pest control company to send a mole control pro. Schendel’s mole experts know how to resolve mole problems and will work with you to evict nuisance and damaging moles that have turned your lawn into an unsightly mess. You might also consider Schendel’s year-round home pest control for ALL your pest issues. Get rid of cockroaches, mice, ants and a whole host of other pests while you protect your lawn from moles. Life is so much sweeter without pests. Try it out. You’ll wonder why you waited so long. You might even thank those moles.