What’s Damaging The Wood Around My Arizona Home?

What’s Damaging The Wood Around My Arizona Home?


Have you ever stared at a tiny hole in your wood floor and wondered, “Did that hole happen before the wood floor was laid down or do I have insects eating my home?” You’re not alone. Wood-damaging pests can be a mystery. Few people know how they get into our homes and even fewer people know how they behave once they do. Hopefully, this article will help to demystify this problem.

When it comes to wood-damaging pests there are three that stand head and shoulders above the rest. They are wood-damaging beetles, carpenter ants, and termites.

There are many beetles that can damage our homes. Powder-post beetles target unseasoned lumber and hardwood. Furniture beetles prefer decaying wood and old furniture. Flat-headed beetles will target rotting wood on a home and tree stumps in the yard. Long-horned beetles prefer maple wood but will bore into poplar, elm, and willows. If you have stumps, decaying trees, or some other rotting wood in your yard, you’re likely to attract these insects. Furthermore, if you have water damage on your home, they are more likely to infest.

There are several species of carpenter ant in the United States. Not all of them are considered home-damaging pests. In our service area, we have the black carpenter ant, which is a significant wood pest. These ants will attack soft rotting wood first but are able to move on to sound hardwood as they chew galleries in the wood of a home. If you have water damage on the outside of your home, or moisture issues inside your walls, that’s where you’ll find carpenter ants first.

Of all the termites in the United States, the subterranean termite is the worst. It is also the worst of all the wood-damaging pests listed in this article. They can attack any type of wood but are inclined to feed on soft wood first.

What’s Eating Your Home?

If you see tiny holes about the size of a pencil tip, you’re dealing with some kind of wood-damaging beetle. If you find wood damage that looks like someone took a carving knife to your home, it is likely that you have carpenter ants. If you find carved damage that is gritty to the touch, that is probably termites. Most of the time, carpenter ant and termite damage is not seen. Carpenter ants prefer to tunnel inside wood because they don’t want to let predators into their tunnels. Termites prefer to feed inside wood because they have a strong aversion to light.

When wood-damaging pests strike, you probably won’t know it. These are sneaky pests. Protect your home’s equity with ongoing pest control service from a licensed pest control provider. For assistance with reliable and effective pest control in Arizona, give Schendel Pest Services a call today.