What To Do If Ants Have Gotten Inside Your Home This Winter

What To Do If Ants Have Gotten Inside Your Home This Winter



Ants are a real nuisance, there is no avoiding this truth, but you may be wondering why we are still talking about them during the winter months. The truth is although ants do go into hibernation as the colder months roll by, they do not always need to. The biggest determining factor to whether they will or will not go into hibernation is based on the temperature of the environment they are living in. If their nest is set up in the middle of the freezing forest, hibernation is necessary. However, if ants have invaded your warm and cozy home, hibernation will be the last thing on their mind.

Ants Slow Way Down In The Cold, But In Our Homes, They Can Run Free

We have all seen the classic anthills built beyond the walls of our home in the wild and have witnessed as hundreds of ants travel in and out of them. What you may not have seen are the colonies they set up under or in our homes when the weather cools down. Pretty hard to imagine not seeing an ant hill built right on top of the floor of your home, but if they aren’t out in the open where are they? The answer is in our inner house walls, under floors, or inside doors or window frames. These areas provide ants with the seclusion and warmth they need to weather the cold of winter from inside our homes. The problem is we can’t exactly tear our homes apart to look for them, so how can we tell if ants are coming from indoors or from the outside? Two words, foragers and swarmers. If your home has ant swarmers and foragers roaming about, chances are, their colony is not too far away.

What To Do If You Find Ants In Your Home

The first thing you should know is that if you have ants inside your home, and the weather outside is cold, they have to be getting their food from somewhere. Most often they are scavenging it from the corners of your home. This means under appliances, throughout living areas, and even straight from your countertops. The fewer sources of food your home has for ants, the less likely they are to stick around. Unfortunately, doing this can be harder than it seems. The good news is that calling Schendel is not nearly as difficult. In fact, with just a few button clicks and a free inspection, we can have you well on your way to maintaining an ant-free home this winter. So don’t hesitate, Schendel is in the business of helping homeowners like you. Give us a call and find out why Schendel is right for you.


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