What To Do If Fleas Have Gotten Into Your Home

What To Do If Fleas Have Gotten Into Your Home


Have you ever thought you had fleas in your home, but said, “I can’t have fleas in my home, I don’t have any pets.”? Well, we’re here to tell you that you can have fleas without having pets.

Fleas can get inside homes on pets, but they can also get in on rodents, people, clothing, shoes, bags, boxes, and other things. All it takes if for one or two fleas to hitchhike their way through your front door to start an infestation.

As long as fleas have people, rodents, or pets to feed on, they are not going anywhere. And they are not only annoying, but fleas can also be dangerous. Once a flea has had its blood meal, that’s when the scratching starts, and some people are allergic to the saliva of a flea which makes their symptoms much worse. Fleas are also known to be hosts for tapeworms which can cause a parasitic infection, especially in pets and small children. On occasion, a severe infestation can cause anemia in pets.

The good news is that you can usually prevent flea problems by putting into place a few preventative measures. Here are a few steps homeowners can take to limit their risk of fleas:

  • If you have pets, invest in veterinarian-approved preventive treatments or medications.

  • Regularly vacuum your carpets, flooring, and underneath sofas, beds, and other furniture.

  • Clean upholstered furniture, linens, and pet bedding frequently.

  • Inspect pet bedding and keep pet areas clean.

  • Check clothing and shoes for fleas if you have been in a home with pets.

If you have done all that you can to avoid a flea infestation, you can still find yourself face to face with an infestation that just won’t go away. Let’s face it, fleas are one of the most difficult pests to eliminate and keep away. It’s especially true if rodents are playing a part in the initial infestation. You will need to get rid of the rodents as well. Professional control is essential if fleas have gotten into your home.

Schendel Pest Services is here to help by identifying the problem and fully eliminating all stages of fleas from egg to adult. We can give you a guarantee that they won’t come back. Our effective, up-to-date treatment methods are EPA approved and safe around your family. Call us today for more information to get those annoying fleas gone for good.