What To Do If You’re Worried About Bed Bugs Ruining Your Spring

What To Do If You’re Worried About Bed Bugs Ruining Your Spring


Bed bugs are hardy pests. They can survive varying temperatures and endure cold winters as long as they have a warm place to dwell. In other words, bed bugs are a year-round pest. However, there is a time of year where they really thrive. Bed bug season typically starts in April and lasts throughout the fall. This means now is the time to actively prevent bed bugs from becoming a problem in your home.

One of the reasons why bed bug infestations are high in the summer is because of increased travel, and August and September seem to be their peak. It’s well known that bed bugs can be picked up in hotels and while visiting family, but it may surprise you all of the other locations where bed bugs can fester. Cabs, airplanes, and other forms of public transportation can harbor bed bugs. Sometimes they end up on you, in your purse, or in your shoes, hitching a ride directly back to your nice, cozy home. Facilities like movie theaters and even libraries can spread bed bugs, and they can also be brought in with second-hand furniture or with items brought home from flea markets. The list seems never-ending where these little bugs can hide out. It’s no wonder a bed bug infestation can catch people by surprise. If you are experiencing itchy bites, noticing brown stains on your sheets, or seeing small, oval-shaped bugs crawling around your home, these are strong indicators of bed bugs!

Bed bugs can be extremely difficult to eliminate. They’re great hiders. As soon as you think they’re gone, suddenly the infestation is back as strong as ever. Prevention is the best way to keep the nuisance of bed bugs away. If you’re worried about bed bugs ruining your summer, Schendel Pest Services is here to help. We’ve put together some prevention tips for homeowners.

  • Inspect second-hand items before bringing them into the home.

  • Inspect your clothes before walking through the door.

  • Vacuum frequently.

  • Reduce clutter to reduce hiding places.

  • Wash all clothes after removing them from a suitcase and vacuum the case.

  • In a hotel room, keep your suitcase closed and on the top shelf of the closet.

  • You can also purchase mattress encasements to prevent bed bugs from hiding in your mattress.

Sometimes, even with strong attempts to prevent these pests, they still enter our homes. If you’re dealing with bed bugs, Schendel Pest Services offers thorough and reliable bed bug control. With our canine bed bug inspections, the accuracy rate at locating areas of bed bug activity is much higher than with human inspections. And heat treatments performed by our highly-trained professionals ensure no bed bug escapes. Learn more about our bed bug treatment options and get in touch with us today to get rid of your bed bugs!

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