What To Do When Stinging Insects Nest In Your Yard

What To Do When Stinging Insects Nest In Your Yard


How Topeka Residents Can Keep Their Yards Free of Stinging Insects

Spring is a time of year that most people enjoy the warmer temperatures and an increase in outdoor activities. Nothing ruins outdoor time like a swarm of angry insects, though. If your backyard haven has become something of a nightmare due to stinging insects, read on to learn how Topeka residents can keep their yards free of these pests.

When do stinging insects become active?

Stinging insects cannot survive the cold temperatures of winter. However, once the weather warms up again in the spring, the queens come out of hibernation. Then begins their work of finding a suitable place to build a nest and lay their eggs.

How to Keep Stinging Insects Away from Your Topeka Yard

There is a short period of time when the queen is the only active one in the colony. She first looks for a place to build her nest. There are several things that will make your property less appealing.
They will want to be near a food source. Stinging insects like wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets are all attracted to garbage, so be sure to keep tight-fitting lids on any outdoor containers and store them away from your home. Flower gardens are also attractive food sources for stinging insects, as are other bright colors and any food you may leave outside.
Stinging insects need to be near a water source. To prevent stinging insects from setting up shop in your yard do the following:
  • Keep moisture levels low.
  • Remove all areas of standing water.
  • Repair all dripping or leaking faucets and pipes.

What to Do When Stinging Insects Nest in Your Yard

If you have a lot of stinging insects buzzing around, or if you’ve seen an active nest, it’s important for the safety of your family that you get rid of it. Many stinging insects can sting multiple times, making them much more of a threat than those that lose their stinger after one sting.
Trying to remove a nest on your own is a dangerous endeavor that can result in painful stings, made much worse if you have an allergy. Sprays can be unhealthy for your family and can also end up killing the beneficial bees that we need in our ecosystem.

Secure Professional Help

The best way to take care of a stinging insect invasion is to get a professional to take care of it. Schendel Pest Services can locate and safely remove the nests of stinging insects, as well as take other preventative steps to make sure they don’t return. We will make your Topeka yard a safe place to spend your time again. Contact Schendel to learn more about our services.