What You May Not Know About Arizona Scorpions

What You May Not Know About Arizona Scorpions


I’m sure you are aware that it is never a good idea to flip a sandbag, rock, or chunk of wood over without being careful. You know that scorpions hide under these things. And, they can be anywhere outside. But they also get into your home–especially bark scorpions. It won’t be long until someone coins the phrase “common house scorpion.” But do you know why these scorpions come into your house. The answer might surprise you.

Scorpions eat bugs. If you have a large number of bugs in your home, you will have scorpions. The number one way to naturally exclude scorpions from living in your home, is to reduce household pests. Cover trash cans, to keep flies from feeding and breeding. Keep fruit in the fridge, instead of on the kitchen table. Put pet food out only during meal time. Put dishes in soapy water. And, keep everything clean. If you do this, you will reduce insect pests, and keep scorpions from sticking around.

Another way to keep scorpions out is to keep your door and window screens in good working order. Scorpions can climb your walls and slip in through screens. They also squeeze under doors, so be sure your door sweeps are seated properly. It only takes ⅙ of an inch for a scorpion to slip past your defenses.

Flying insects can also be lured in to your exterior walls by white light. If you have exterior white lighting, consider replacing it with insect resistant yellow lighting. It is also a good idea to keep drapes shut. If you have flying insects fluttering around your windows, you’ll have scorpions too.

To fully protect your family from scorpions it is wise to get year round pest protection, like what Schendel Pest Services provides in their Premium Care package. They guard homes from scorpions, and the insects scorpions love to eat. I don’t know about you, but in my book that is a win win. Get ants, crickets, spiders, silverfish, wasps, roaches, and scorpions, in one fell swoop. Also, make sure your pest control company offers a guarantee, like Schendel’s PestZero Guarantee. Don’t shell out your hard earned money unless you know the pest control company you’re hiring stand behind the work they do.

It is never fun to be stung by a scorpion. Get your guard up.