Where To Look For Bed Bugs In Hotel Rooms

Where To Look For Bed Bugs In Hotel Rooms


Bed bugs continue to be a prevalent pest problem in Kansas City, Topeka, and throughout the U.S. and unfortunately, no one is immune to them.  Being notorious hitchhikers, bed bugs are often introduced into unsuspecting homes, apartment buildings and other multi-unit housing facilities on luggage, bags and even on the clothing of people who’ve recently traveled.  That’s because these biting insects are not a problem contained to just beds; these pests have been detected in cabs and buses, on airplanes and in hotel rooms- all places where travelers frequent.  If you are gearing up for travel and plan on staying in a hotel or other commercial lodging, you should be aware of bed bugs and more specifically where these pests are likely to be found.

Inspecting for bed bugs upon checking in can save you a lot of time, money and undue stress.  Begin your inspection by leaving your family in the hallway with your luggage while you search for these pests.  Areas where bed bugs are often found hiding include:

  • The bed– It is estimated that 70% or more of the bed bug activity in a room will be found on or inside the bed.  This includes the mattress, box spring and even the frame and headboard.
  • Nightstands– While all furniture in a hotel room is susceptible to infestations, nightstands are more at risk because of their close proximity to the bed.
  • Upholstered furniture– The piping, pleats and seams of upholstered furniture provide ideal hiding places for these elusive pests.
  • Wall hangings– Bed bugs often avoid detection by hiding behind wall hangings including picture frames and mirrors.
  • Window treatments– Curtains and other window treatments also make great hiding spots.
  • TV stands, dressers and other furniture– Because they are not as close to the bed, TV stands and other furniture are often dismissed but do in fact appeal to bed bugs that have moved away from the bed.  They may disperse inside or under those pieces or may be found in the cracks of the furniture.

If your search yields bed bugs or signs of them, including blood spots on the linens, dark fecal matter on furniture or shed bed bug skins, contact the hotel manager immediately to request a new room far away from the infested one.  You may also consider seeking accommodations at a different hotel and if so, make sure you repeat the search process.

If you find that despite your search efforts, bed bugs have made the return trip with you, contact Schendel Pest Services.  We can provide a bed bug dog inspection to locate all live bed bugs and then offer an effective bed bug treatment to eliminate the pests.  If you think you may be seeing bed bug bites on your skin and can’t tell the difference when it comes to bed bug bites vs mosquito bites, we might be able to help with that too! When it comes to bed bug pest control, Kansas City natives know that Schendel is the best choice. Contact our experienced exterminators today for pest control services throughout the region and to let us help you eliminate your bed bug problem today!

This blog was originally published on November 21, 2011, but we have updated it to reflect the most recent and accurate information available in helping you combat frustrating bed bug problems.

Where To Look For Bed Bugs In Hotel Rooms in Kansas, Missouri and Arizona

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