Why Are Yellow Jackets Still Active In Glendale?

Why Are Yellow Jackets Still Active In Glendale?


If you’re curious why yellow jackets are still active in Glendale at the end of summer, the answer is simple: Yellow jackets are insects and insects love warmth. Even at the end of summer, temperatures in Glendale can be around 76 degrees in the daytime. That is plenty of warmth for yellow jackets to be active. It is also plenty of warmth for the critters that yellow jackets feed upon. With all that food around, yellow jackets are going to be busy busy busy.

When yellow jackets are busy, they can be a serious issue for Glendale homeowners. These stinging pests have a nasty habit of creating their nests in the ground. If they do this in your yard, you may have an unwanted encounter when you get out there to mow your lawn. The vibrations from mowing can stir yellow jackets up and cause them to attack. When yellow jackets attack, they are aggressive. They can chase you for several yards, even around obstacles, and sting you multiple times when they cling to your skin.

How do you prevent yellow jacket stings?

The best way to avoid being stung by yellow jackets is to not have yellow jackets around. Yellow jackets can establish nests both high and low. They also create nests inside the voids of homes. Under the right conditions, they can grow their nests year-round and develop super nests. These nests need to be located and removed quickly. When you have year-round pest control service, a detailed inspection and the removal of nests are tasks your pest professional will do for you. That is a big help, since most of us have busy lives and it is hard to keep on top of routine inspections. Your pest professional knows where these insects are likely to establish a nest on your property and how to detect their presence.

For assistance with yellow jacket control or general residential pest control service in Arizona, let Schendel help. We offer quarterly visits and year-round pest protection, which is backed by our PestZero Guarantee. You can’t beat that with a stick.

Yellow jackets are still active in Glendale, but you can reduce the threat these insects pose by having nests identified and removed. Give us a call to get started today!

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