Why Bed Bug Bites Are Often Misidentified

Why Bed Bug Bites Are Often Misidentified


Of all the pests out there that we have to endure, bed bugs can be one of the most annoying, easiest to pick up, and hardest to get rid of. Not only that, the bed bug epidemic continues to grow and it seems there is no end in sight. Early detection is very important so here are a few signs that will help you determine if you have bed bugs in your home:

  • You may see live bed bugs in one stage or another. Adult bed bugs are flat, oval, and can be approximately 3/16” long. They are brown to red in color and they will be darker color red after a blood feast.

  • You may see bed bug eggs that are whitish in color and they are tiny, measuring in at about 1 mm long.

  • You may see bed bug nymphs that are even smaller than the eggs and no bigger than a pinhead.

  • You may find tiny dots of feces or blood stains on your night clothes and sheets.

  • Bed bugs, eggs, nymphs, and bed bug debris can be found around headboards, nightstands, ceiling and wall junctions, loose panels, wall hangings, outlets, switch plates, and gaping wallpaper. They will also be in creases and crevices of bedding, mattresses, furniture, and anywhere there are people (especially where they sleep).

  • You may discover bed bug bites, which are often thought to be bites from mosquitoes, other insects, or spiders. When you are bitten by a bed bug you will usually not feel it right away because of the small amount of anesthesia they inject into your body before they bite. The bed bug bites can show up right away or a day or so before showing any symptoms. The bites may eventually feel like a burning sensation, and most often they are very itchy tiny red raised dots that may be in a line or pattern.

You will want to prevent bugs at all costs to save yourself the aggravation of an infestation. So, when you travel you should take a look around your hotel room for any signs and keep all of your belongings off of the floor of public places. When you return from your trip make sure you wash everything with hot water and use the dryer if possible. If you purchase second-hand furniture or clothing make sure you clean them thoroughly before you bring them into your home.

Remember early detection can limit the scope of the services that you will need,  whether or not an infestation is limited to one room, many rooms, or your entire home. Even if you are very diligent about checking for bed bugs and using prevention methods, you should call on the professionals at Schendel Pest Services at the first sign of bed bugs in your home. We have canine bed bug detection which is the most efficient and effective way of finding all sources of the bed bug problems in your home. We also use bed bug heat treatments that get results quick. Give us a call for more information about our Schendel Pest bed bug services today.