Why Call A Professional To Remove Wildlife

Why Call A Professional To Remove Wildlife


So there is a furry, cute-as-a-button, squirrel living in your attic. No problem. Just go upstairs with a flashlight and a net and corner the little bugger, right? Maybe you have seen a skunk raiding your garbage cans. Easy peasy! Just set a trap and catch the little stinker. Or maybe a raccoon is knocking over your trash cans. That one’s a snap. Just get a pillow case and try to catch that raccoon in the act. If you think any of these suggestions sound dumb, you would be right.

It is never a good idea to fool around with wildlife that has invaded your home or yard. No matter how cute, animals can be unpredictable and dangerous, especially when cornered or protecting their young. It is always best to consult professional wildlife control experts. Here are more reasons to think twice about trying to remove an animal.

  • Some animals can be rabid. If an animal has rabies, it can do many erratic things that can cause it to be a greater threat than it would be normally, and humans can contract the rabies disease from the bite of an animal.

  • If the animal attacks, fall injuries can occur such as falling backwards down the attic steps.

  • Putting a board over a hole where an animal is gaining access to your home is a bad idea. A trapped animal may find its way into your living spaces and cause even more damage.

  • Animals with fur can carry parasites, and these parasites often carry diseases. If you don’t want mites, fleas, ticks, or lice, with all the complications they bring, it is best to get professional help to remove animals from your home and have infested areas decontaminated.

  • Animal feces can contain a variety of diseases. Some of these illnesses can become airborne and cause respiratory ailments such as histoplasmosis. A professional will be equipped with the proper protective gear when dealing with infested areas.

  • Rodents, such as rats, mice, and squirrels may chew on wires in your wall voids and cause a fire. A professional will know the signs to look for to eliminate this concern.

There are a number of steps you can take to keep wildlife from invading your home or yard. You can examine the outside of your home for gaps or cracks and seal up any holes that animals can squeeze through. You can remove any clutter from your yard where animals can hide; and you can trim back bushes and trees from your walls and roof area to keep wildlife from gaining access to the outside of your home. However, if you already have wildlife in your home or on your property, the best course of action is to call in the pros. Schendel Pest Services has been keeping homes safe since 1947. If you have a wildlife issue, reach out to Schendel today. We will make sure the animal or animals are safely removed.