Why Call The Professionals Immediately For Flea Infestations


Why Call The Professionals Immediately For Flea Infestations


Of all the pests that can get into your house, fleas are one of the most annoying. You wouldn’t think such a tiny creature would be that bad, but they most definitely are. From seeing them hopping all over your living room rug to waking up with ankles covered in bites, there are many reasons to not want fleas in your house. But if they do get in, there are two great reasons why you should call the professionals immediately for flea infestations.

Fleas Are Dangerous

Fleas are not simply an annoyance. Although their most well-known trait is the itchy bites they leave on their victims, they can also cause a number of illnesses.

First, some people are allergic to flea saliva, causing more severe reactions than normal at the site of the bites. Itchy bites also cause scratching which can lead to open wounds and secondary infections.

Fleas also play host to tapeworm larvae and can transmit them to pets and young children, causing the ones who ingest them to develop a parasitic tapeworm infection.

Finally, fleas can cause all sorts of harm to pets, especially very young and very old ones, including infections and anemia.

Fleas are Difficult to Eradicate Through DIY Methods

If getting rid of fleas was as easy as vacuuming your rug and giving your dog a bath, everyone could do it on their own. Unfortunately, it’s far from that easy. Although both vacuuming and giving your pets a bath are an important part of flea eradication, they will not fully do the job. Vacuuming leaves eggs and larvae behind. A flea bath for your dog or cat might get rid of the fleas on your pet, but they’ll just get more on them once they start walking around again.

Store bought chemical treatments are also often ineffective and can be dangerous for your family.

Why You Should Call the Professionals Immediately for Flea Infestations

Your best bet when dealing with a flea infestation is to call the professionals. A professional pest control company like Schendel Pest Services can fully eliminate your flea problem, ensuring that it won’t return a week or two later when the next round of eggs hatch.

Schendel has been eliminating pest problems since 1947, so we have the experience necessary to take care of your flea infestation completely. We also use the most up-to-date treatment methods and only use EPA-approved products, so you can rest assured that our treatment methods are safe for your family.

If fleas start hopping around your home, give us a call to get a free estimate on eliminating the problem.