Why DIY Mole Control Often Fails

Why DIY Mole Control Often Fails


Every morning you pour yourself a cup of coffee, go to your front window, open the curtains, and look at your beautifully manicured yard. Then one morning you notice a small horseshoe shaped mound of dirt. Okay, no big deal; but over time you notice that when looking out your front window in the morning, you are no longer looking at a well-manicured lawn. You are looking at a yard you don’t recognize; a yard that is full of golf ball sized holes; a yard that is covered in unsightly tunnels; a yard whose grasses and landscaping are unhealthy and dying. But the even bigger problem is that, try as you might, you simply can’t catch a glimpse of the perpetrator. The most likely reason for this is that the culprits are moles, and moles spend almost their entire life underground out of view of people and are extremely difficult to eliminate.

Now, you may be thinking, “The above description fits my lawn perfectly! My lawn must be infested with moles! I’ll simply Google DIY methods to get rid of them, and they will soon be a distant memory, and my lawn will be the envy of the neighborhood once again.” Well, the professionals at Schendel Pest Services are here to tell you don’t! Don’t Google DIY mole control solutions. They are ineffective. They will only exacerbate the problem, and they can even be dangerous for your family and your pets to be around. But, in case you are still curious, we will do that work for you! Listed below are some of the more common DIY “solutions” to moles, along with the reasons why they aren’t going to be effective!

  • Placing castor oil, peppermint oil, or moth balls around their entrance and exit holes – This method isn’t effective because the moles simply don’t care and probably aren’t even aware you have done anything. Moles spend most of their time underground and even if you spray an offensive smell, it most likely won’t go past the top layer of soil.

  • Blocking their tunnels – While moles certainly aren’t geniuses, they do have a brain and will know to just dig another exit hole; increasing the amount of unsightly holes in your lawn.

  • Placing poison pellets in their entrances and exits – Along with being potentially dangerous to handle and along with the fact that you probably shouldn’t be introducing a random poison into the soil; this is something else that the moles won’t care about. These pellets are usually grain based and moles are picky eaters that really only dine on earthworms and grubs.

  • Using toxic fumes – Again, it is not a good idea to be handling or using toxic fumes on your property; but, furthermore, mole tunnels are long, deep, and open ended making this strategy basically useless.

Talk about frustrating! So what is the solution to damaging moles living and tunneling through your lawn, damaging the roots of your yard’s grass and plants as they go? At the first signs of their presence contact the mole control professionals at Schendel Pest Services. Our experts will come to your property and perform a thorough inspection and evaluation of your property. They will then customize a plan to meet the needs of your specific property. The program is guaranteed for 365 days from the date of the first service. We also offer our PestZero Guarantee which means that if there is any activity during the 365 days on the protected property, we will return promptly to eliminate the problem with no additional charge.

By choosing Schendel Pest Services to eliminate a mole infestation on your property you are choosing a company that will get the job done using modern, humane technologies that work. When you choose Schendel, there really is nothing to lose except the moles that are causing damage to your lawn and landscaping! Contact us today to schedule a free inspection, and be one step closer to a mole-free property!