Why Earwigs Become Problematic In The Fall

Why Earwigs Become Problematic In The Fall


Those nasty annoying “pincher” bugs have returned again this year in record numbers. I hate to see them scurrying around giving me the creeps. They look like they could give someone quite a bite too, but they are not very aggressive and rarely bite. If they do, it’s only because they feel threatened, it will just be a little pinch and shouldn’t cause much of a reaction. Earwigs are just annoying pests that find their way into homes, but they need to be eliminated.

The #1 reason these pests invade homes in the fall is to seek shelter from the weather. They are also extremely attracted to moisture and light. They will follow leaking light that is coming through cracks, crevices, holes, and gaps that will allow them to sneak quietly into homes. Once inside they will look for places to hide that provide them with the moisture that they need.

So, what do you do when earwigs become a problem in the fall?

  • First, you will need to limit the amount of the moisture around your house. The areas you are most likely to find moisture problems in and around your home include mulch, clogged gutters, dripping air conditioners, basements, pet water bowls, leaky spigots and the like. Inside, you should use dehumidifiers in humid rooms and hang up wet towels and mats to dry thoroughly.

  • Next, you need to find out where the earwigs are getting in by looking around window and door frames, basement walls and foundations. Look for cracks, crevices, holes gapes, damaged screens, broken window and door frames, missing vents and soffits. Replace or repair damages and seal off all entry points, including where wires, cables, and pipes come into the home. You should also turn off outside lights when you don’t need them, otherwise, you are drawing attention to your home where the earwigs would love to take up residency.

Many DIY solutions can be dangerous and usually don’t get to the root of the problem or get rid of the earwigs completely. A professional pest control service is the best way to get rid of unwanted pets as soon as possible. Schendel Pest Services can usually provide help the same or next day. We are committed to achieving pest free homes for all of our customers. If you have an annoying earwig infestation, give us a call today. We use methods that are not harmful to people, pets, and plants. We use the least amount of product possible to get the best results and we can use all natural products when appropriate. We are also very open and honest with all of our customers so that there are no surprises throughout the treatment process. Our PestZero Guarantee assures each customer’s home will remain pest free for one year. If for any reason a pest treatment is needed in between visits we will provide that treatment at no additional charge. That’s our Schendel Pest promise.