Why Kansas Homeowners Should Look Out For Termite Swarmers

Why Kansas Homeowners Should Look Out For Termite Swarmers


When it comes to life in general, people tend to like a little bit of a warning when things are about to take a turn for the worst. Well, the same idea applies for homeowners when it comes to dealing with a certain wood-destroying insect: the termite! Being able to spot a termite infestation in the beginning stages can make a big difference in how much damage has been done. For those who may not know, termites tunnel through wood, feeding on it and destroying your home’s structural integrity as they do so. In fact, they are responsible for creating over 5 billion dollars worth of damage across the United States each year. By taking precautions against termites sooner rather than later, homeowners could end up saving themselves a lot of time, stress, and money!

One of the earliest indicators that your home has been infested by termites is seeing termite swarmers. A termite swarm occurs when the winged reproductive members of the termite colony leave their current nests to mate and find a new location to establish a brand new termite colony. Usually, these termite swarms occur in the spring after a heavy rain. However, here in Kansas, the seasonal rain and high temperatures allow for late summer swarming! It’s important to keep your eye out for the signs of these swarms: winged termites flying around or in your home, discarded wings found around the exterior of your home or on windowsills, and mud tunnels on your home’s foundation.

As soon as you see one or more of these signs, it is extremely important to contact a pest control professional immediately. For Kansas residents, Schendel Pest Services is the company to call! We offer our customers our Schendel Termite Elimination and Protection or STEP program which is guaranteed to eliminate your termite problem! The first step of this process is a termite inspection performed by one of our professionals. This inspection will determine the course of action in step 2 which is when we completely eliminate any and all destructive termites invading your home. To accomplish this, we use the Trelona® Advanced Termite Baiting System. The third step of our STEP program is to eliminate any termite colonies that may be nesting near your home by using the Trelona® Advanced Termite Baiting System to determine their exact locations. Lastly, we will prevent future infestations from occurring through monitoring and the continuing the use of bait. The bait system we utilize uses Puri-Cel® matrix which is safe for your pets, your family members, and the surrounding environment! When the termites feed on this bait and bring it back to their colonies, they will be successfully eliminated. We will continue to return to your home annually and provide solutions for any other pest problems that may arise in the meantime. Don’t ignore the signs! Call Schendel Pest today to get rid of those destructive termites!