Why Stink Bugs Are Such A Big Fall Nuisance

Why Stink Bugs Are Such A Big Fall Nuisance


Fall is the season for pumpkins, Halloween, and beautifully colored trees. However, fall also seems to be the season when the most stink bugs decide to invade homes. Why? Similar to several other overwintering insects, stink bugs are occasional invaders, meaning they only find ways into your home when their normal outside habitat is no longer the most ideal environment for them. In other words, when temperatures change. As summer starts to sink into soft folds of cool fall air, stink bugs become desperate to find somewhere warm enough to survive through the snows of winter. Unfortunately, that somewhere can be your home.

While stink bugs don’t really pose a threat to your home, they can be extremely bothersome to deal with—especially when they come in, in large numbers. Once inside, stink bugs will remain relatively dormant until spring comes around—or at least until they think spring has arrived. The temperatures inside your home don’t really reflect the temperatures going on outside, so anytime your home happens to become even slightly warmer due to a sunny day, the stink bugs inside your home will become active again, believing spring weather is upon them.

Aside from the foul-smelling liquid they produce when threatened or squished, a few other negative effects stink bugs cause include staining walls or furniture with their secretions, producing pheromones to attract more stink bugs, and congregating in ugly clusters around your home.

Simple prevention steps you can take to reduce the number of stink bugs entering your home are almost all exclusionary tactics that make your home less easily accessible.

  • Seal any entry points. This includes air vents, windows, doors, chimneys, and cracks in your foundation.
  • Replace ripped window screens. Fewer rips mean fewer stink bugs.
  • Keep windows and doors closed if there are no screens present.

Taking preventive measures before your home has been invaded is all fine and dandy, but if stink bugs have already entered your home, calling a professional is always the best way to save time, money, and unneeded irritation. At Schendel Pest Services, we can take care of all your pest problems with our Premium Care program. Contact us today for your free inspection. Pest control service from Schendel Pest Services can mean that you never again have to worry about stink bugs invading your home.