Why You Cannot Depend On DIY Silverfish Tips

Why You Cannot Depend On DIY Silverfish Tips


Silverfish are small, bluish-silver bugs that move across your floor as though they were swimming. They have three long hairs on their rear end and two long antennae on their heads. They’re most commonly found in the damp, poorly lit areas of your home such as under the sink or in the basement, but will only be seen out and about at night. Silverfish are nocturnal creatures and they move fast, so often homeowners will have an infestation of them without even realizing it. Silverfish eat sugars, starch, the glue in books, silk, shampoo, and dead insects.

Silverfish can cause damages to your home. They may eat wallpaper (or the glue that holds it on the walls). Sometimes they eat leatherware, synthetic fabrics, cotton, and tapestries. Perhaps more concerning is the fact that the presence of silverfish is often a sign of other problems. Since silverfish are attracted to extremely moist areas, you may have a silverfish problem because you have leaking pipes or other moisture problems. While our pest control services don’t resolve moisture problems, we can often help you determine the source of the moisture in our inspection so that you can create a plan for solving the moisture problem as well.

There are a variety of do-it-yourself techniques for getting rid of silverfish, although they can have minimal results. You can try:

  • Spraying the basement and bathrooms with cedar oil

  • Using sticky traps

  • Get rid of newspapers, mail, and cardboard boxes

  • Vacuum daily to eliminate crumbs and suck up silverfish eggs

  • Keep all food in tightly sealed glass or plastic containers

  • Use a dehumidifier in moist bathrooms or basements

  • Use the bathroom fan when taking showers

DIY silverfish control methods will help you reduce the population of silverfish, but won’t prevent future infestations unless you’re also excluding them from entering your home. Homeowners often spend a lot of money trying method after method, only to need the help of experienced pest control technicians anyway! Our year-round pest control will not only eliminate silverfish infestations and prevent future infestations, but it will also protect you against the most common pests that plague homeowners every season of the year. If you think you have a silverfish problem, call Schendel Pest Services for your fast solution.