Why You Should Be Worried About Mice In The House

Why You Should Be Worried About Mice In The House


Mice, although they may seem harmless, can actually be quite damaging and costly.  Unfortunately, these pests have a tendency to head indoors every fall in search of food, water and shelter from the cooling weathers.  According to the National Pest Management Association, millions of homes are invaded every winter by rodents; if you are one of the unlucky homeowners you should be worried and here are three reasons why.

  1. Mice and other rodents have front incisors that never stop growing.  In order to keep their teeth worn down, mice must continuously chew.  In homes this often translates to chewing on electrical wires,  which can lead to electrical fires.  Another by-product of their chewing; mice often disable phone and internet cables. 

  2. Not only are the smells unpleasant, but rodent droppings and urine can contaminate insulation in crawl spaces and attics.  Dead mice will also produce an offensive odor that may spread throughout the home via heating ducts.  

  3. Mice are prolific breeders and can rapidly infest your dwelling chewing wood, sheetrock and inflicting significant structural damage.  Left unaddressed, mice often chew through plastic storage containers, boxes and other personal items.  

To make your home look less attractive to foraging mice and to prevent these rodents from taking over your home this winter, the NPMA offers many suggestions on their website including these tips:

  • Inspect wires, insulation and walls for any signs of gnaw marks.

  • Seal cracks and holes in your home’s exterior, including areas where utilities and pipes enter.

  • Install gutters to channel water away from your home.

  • Store boxes and other storage containers off of the floor and organize them often to prevent rodents from residing in undisturbed areas.

If you’ve already noticed rodent droppings or have heard mice scurrying inside your walls at night, contact Schendel Pest Services today.    Available in Topeka, Kansas City and throughout our pest control service area, we offer highly effective services that are designed to eliminate and prevent mice activity.

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