Wildlife Waking Up


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raccoon and skunk getting into trash

Spring is here and while many wildlife pests have spent the winter in hibernation mode, they will be starting to wake up. They will start becoming more and more active due to the nicer weather, and they will be more than ready to cause all sorts of problems for homeowners. Wildlife like raccoons, skunks and squirrels have begun the process of coming out of their winter hibernation, and as they do they will be foraging for food, this is bad new homeowners as they carry rabies and other dangerous diseases.

Raccoons are pesky animals that will noisily sneak into your garbage cans at night and wreak havoc on your property. They are capable of ripping holes in the siding of your house, tearing into your insulation, and can decimate vents and ducts to gain access to your home. Not to mention the feces and urine that they will leave behind. Raccoons are extremely difficult to control because they are very clever, which is why a professional pest control management service with a wildlife division is necessary.

Skunks pose a particular threat to humans and pets as they are startled easily and when they feel threatened, they spay a foul smelling liquid in self-defense. They generally try to avoid us at all costs but will forage around your property looking for grubs and bugs. Skunks also tend to nestle under bushes and in sheds or crawl spaces to breed and raise their young.

Squirrels are great climbers, and have the ability to climb up bird feeders, get to pet food, and destroy our gardens. It is bad enough to deal with a single squirrel, when they gather in groups the damage is multiplied.

Start protecting your home and property from damaging wildlife by sealing off all entry points. Keep trash in tightly sealed containers, clean out clogged rain gutters, trim back trees and, keep pet food and water indoors. Use bird feeders that don’t allow squirrels or other wildlife access, or eliminate bird feeders altogether. Most importantly you should hire knowledgeable and trusted wildlife experts like Schendel Pest Services in Topeka, Kansas. We can remove wildlife from your property and home. Please note, homeowners should never try to remove wildlife on their own, it can be very dangerous. Our wildlife professionals are skilled at removing and preventing wildlife. Give us a call today for more information about how we can protect your home from nuisance, dangerous, and damaging wildlife.

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