termites in a kansas yard


Facts Vs. Myths About Arizona Termites

Termites are one of the most misunderstood insects in the world, and this has resulted in many myths developing around them. While they don't have as many myths as Chuck Norris, some of the myths attached to subterranean termites are almost as absurd....

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What Does Mice Damage Look Like?

When people think of finding a mouse in their home, they often imagine the places where that mouse might have been—and the diseases it may have picked up. While the spreading of diseases is definitely something to be concerned about, there are other issues that arise....

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How Flies Are Getting Inside

Flies. They get in your face, they land on your food, and they create extremely annoying buzzing sounds as they fly about. Flies are known for being one of the most disgusting and irritating insects due to the fact that they have no regard for personal space and will feast on almost anything....

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