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Industries Most In Need Of Professional Pest Control

While there is no official list of industries most in need of professional pest control, nor are we about to create one, there are certainly businesses that benefit more from a commercial pest control plan than others. If you own a bicycle shop, you're probably not going to worry about pest control as much as a restaurant owner, but that doesn't mean you don't have to deal with pests....

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What A Year-Round Pest Control Program Looks Like

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to completely underestimate how dangerous and destructive pests can actually be. Oftentimes, other things are placed at a higher importance than taking care of and preventing pest problems. You might find yourself asking, “how big of a risk do these tiny pests really pose to me, my family, or my home?” Unfortunately, that question is commonly a...

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How To Stop Invasive Pantry Pests This Summer

When we head to our pantry looking for something yummy, it can be very startling when instead of a delicious treat, we find a creepy pest instead! Pantry pests can be quite a nuisance to homeowners and have the potential to contaminate the food inside our cupboards and pantries if we aren’t careful....

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How To Prevent Box Elder Bug Infestations

Box elder bugs are small insects that are about ½ inch long. These pests have flat, oval-shaped bodies that are black with red or orange markings and have six legs, a set of wings, though only on the adults, and two antennae. Box elder bugs get their name from their favorite food source: the box elder tree....

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What To Do If You See A Black Widow Spider

There is much to love about living in Kansas, but there is one drawback: our spider population. While many spiders pose no threat to us, Kansas is home to some of the more dangerous spiders around, including the black widow spider....

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Why Year-Round Termite Control Is Essential For Tempe Residents

While humans typically regard termites as pests, they actually do serve an important role in our ecosystem as they naturally decompose wood and distribute water and nutrients into the soil. Although termites can be beneficial in nature, there is no upside to having these destructive pests in your Tempe home....

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