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What Are My Chances For Bed Bugs In Chandler Over Summer?

There was a time in the not so distant past that bed bugs were almost entirely eradicated in the United States. Unfortunately, in recent years they’ve made quite a comeback and can now be found all over the country. What are your chances for bed bugs in Chandler over the summer? ...

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What To Do If You’re Worried About Bed Bugs Ruining Your Spring

Bed bugs are hardy pests. They can survive varying temperatures and endure cold winters as long as they have a warm place to dwell. In other words, bed bugs are a year-round pest. However, there is a time of year where they really thrive. Bed bug season typically starts in April and lasts throughout the fall. This means now is the time to actively prevent bed bugs from becoming a problem in you...

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Why Bed Bugs Thrive In Chandler AZ

Bed bugs are found living across the United States and unfortunately, Chandler, Arizona is no exception; in fact, the very hot summers in Chandler provide bed bugs with the perfect environment to thrive in....

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Bed Bug Guide For Holiday Travel

If you plan on leaving your Kansas City home to visit friends or family this holiday season, it is a good idea to get brushed up on your bed bug knowledge. Not only will it help you have a safer, more fun trip, it could potentially save you the misery of bringing these blood-eating pests home with you....

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Secret Weapon Against Bed Bugs

There is a war going on in the United States. An age-old enemy has resurfaced after a short retreat and is slowly spreading its armies across our country at an alarming rate. They hide in the shadows. They know where we sleep. And they attack without warning. That's right. We're talking about bed bugs. These tiny blood-eating insects are making a comeback here in the states.  ...

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Bed Bug Heat Treatment Facts

It is nerve-wracking to find that you have bed bugs living in your home. We get it. That is why we do our best to make sure it isn't nerve-wracking to get them out. There are a lot of concerns that can come up when thinking about having a pest control company come and heat your home to 120°F. Don't worry. With this fact sheet, you'll have the information you need to set your mind at ease....

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Schendel Can Turn The Heat Up On Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are an increasing problem here in Kansas and across the country in general. These tiny reddish-brown insects were almost completely eradicated at one time, but have made an amazing comeback in the past decade.  ...

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