termites in a kansas yard


How Do House Centipedes Get Inside Arizona Homes?

If you discover a ladybug in your house, it probably doesn’t freak you out. After all, with their shiny red backs and black spots, they’re a cheerful looking bug. However, if you discover a centipede in your house, it probably gives you a start...

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Are House Centipedes Dangerous?

If you’ve ever run into house centipedes inside your home, chances are you remember the experience quite well. These creatures, also known as “hundred-leggers”, can be startling and distressing to homeowners. Because of their alarming looks, many wonder whether centipedes are dangerous. We will get to this answer, but first, let’s talk about what brings them into your ...

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Why Are There So Many Centipedes In My House?

If you really want to see someone put a little pep in their step, show them a house centipede. The room will probably clear out in seconds! The centipede is a formidable insect to find yourself face to face with, mostly because of their speed and all those legs. The centipede can range widely in size, growing in some cases up to 6 inches long. Generally, thanks to their nocturnal nature, people...

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Are Centipedes Dangerous?

We all know centipedes are creepy. And most of us are not comfortable to sit back and watch a little television if we just saw a centipede on the way back from getting some microwave popcorn. We're going to chase it and kill it, right? This is not a bug we can tolerate, like an ant or a beetle. Centipedes look dangerous with their hard exoskeleton and sharp pointy legs sticking out their sides....

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Is Your House Becoming A Haunted House?

Imagine getting ready to jump in the shower. You turn on the water, let it get hot, then pull the curtain aside and step in, only to turn around and see a 6-inch-long snake-like thing with a multitude of legs winding its way quickly toward you. Can you say, freaked out?! Who needs haunted houses when you have real life horror in your own home? If you are encountering centipedes in your Kansas h...

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