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Common Reasons You Have Earwigs In Your Home

If you have ever seen an earwig you're not likely to forget how creepy they look. Seemingly designed to terrify, the pincer-like forceps on the end of their abdomen look like they could cause a powerful pinch, but they actually aren’t strong enough to hurt a human. Rather, they are used by earwigs to protect themselves from other insects or t...

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Why Earwigs Become Problematic In The Fall

Those nasty annoying “pincher” bugs have returned again this year in record numbers. I hate to see them scurrying around giving me the creeps. They look like they could give someone quite a bite too, but they are not very aggressive and rarely bite. If they do, it’s only because they feel threatened, it will just be a little pinch and shouldn’t cause much of a reaction. ...

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Are The Earwig Myths True?

Remember all of the things that we believed as kids that we have since learned, to our relief, were completely untrue. There is no boogie man. Watermelon seeds will not grow inside your stomach if swallowed. No one has ever ruined their eyesight standing too close to the TV. If you think about it much of our childhood was built around untrue myths and legends. As adults, we could only hope for ...

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Earwigs Are Beneficial

When the topic of earwigs comes up, which is hardly ever unless you're an entomologist, the word "beneficial" is not often used. Earwigs are most notably associated with the myth that they crawl into the ears of humans and feed on their brains. But the truth is, earwigs do have a benefit. Sure, the benefits are limited, and the issues they cause far outweigh those benefits, but when earwigs are...

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