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How Dangerous Are Fleas?

Fleas are a tough pest to deal with, they are tiny, prolific breeders, seem to appear out of nowhere, and leave itchy bites on us and our pets. But, while they are extremely annoying to deal with, are they dangerous; are they a pest we need to worry about causing serious problems for people and pets?...

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Put The Squeeze On Fleas

Do you have unwanted fleas in your home? It’s time to give them the boot. Put the squeeze on those fleas and send them packing. Fleas can be a real pain to find in your home....

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Fleas, Ticks And Your Pets [Infographic]

Fleas and ticks are a major problem in the summer months, especially for those who own pets. Dogs and cats are like a magnet to these biting pests which makes it important to prevent fleas and ticks as best you can, before they strike!...

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Is DIY Flea Control Just Not Cutting It?

Are you a responsible pet owner? If you own a dog or a cat, you probably do a lot to take care of Fido and Fluffy. Regular vet visits, feeding your pet the best food and keeping your pet’s treat cupboard stocked are just a few of the things you may be doing to keep your pets happy and healthy. But have you considered your pets’ protection against fleas? There are all kinds of d...

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