termites in a kansas yard


How To Prepare Against Spring Flea Infestations

Spring is here! Days spent playing in the park and having backyard BBQ’s are right around the corner. Spring can also be a time of increased pest infestations, however, so the next time you’re making your plans, consider adding seasonal flea infestation prevention to your list....

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Kansas Warm Winters + Wet Springs = Trouble For Pets!

Do you have a cute little baby kitten, or perhaps a fluffy pup? Maybe you have a ginormously huge Great Dane, or a cat that can out-eat Garfield? Whatever the case may be, this spring it would be wise to be on your guard against fleas. You see, warm winters mean that fleas, as well as ticks, will be on the rise. And if spring proves to be wetter than usual, then the problem becomes even worse, ...

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