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How To Prepare Against Spring Flea Infestations

Spring is here! Days spent playing in the park and having backyard BBQ’s are right around the corner. Spring can also be a time of increased pest infestations, however, so the next time you’re making your plans, consider adding seasonal flea infestation prevention to your list....

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What To Do If You’re Worried About Bed Bugs Ruining Your Spring

Bed bugs are hardy pests. They can survive varying temperatures and endure cold winters as long as they have a warm place to dwell. In other words, bed bugs are a year-round pest. However, there is a time of year where they really thrive. Bed bug season typically starts in April and lasts throughout the fall. This means now is the time to actively prevent bed bugs from becoming a problem in you...

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How To Keep Noisy Crickets Off Your Lawn In Spring And Summer

Are noisy crickets driving you crazy, invading your lawn year after year? You are not alone. Homeowners across the southwest region have to deal with annoying high-pitched cricket sounds every year. But there is hope, crickets can be controlled by a professional pest control service. It is possible to enjoy peaceful quiet days and nights again, cricket-free....

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The Dangerous Christmas Mouse

If there is one furry critter common in a lot of holiday T.V. shows, it’s the mouse. The cute, Santa hat wearing, cheese nibbling critters are just looking to share a Christmas cookie with its homeowner and maybe bring a bite or two back to his cute little family. Let's be honest here though…. What happens when you lose the Santa hat, and replace the cookie with the wires to your l...

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Avoiding Pantry Pests This Thanksgiving

It’s stressful preparing to have family over to your house for Thanksgiving. You spend so much time wanting to make sure everything is perfect. You clean and organize and prepare a beautiful table, complete with a cornucopia centerpiece and your best china. Don’t let one overlooked detail be the demise of your picture-perfect Thanksgiving feast. As you may be pulling out your flour ...

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Why Every Home Should Have Leaf Defender

You know that every few months you take a look at your to-do list and tackle the monotonous upkeep of owning a home. You have to find your ladder, set it up and climb to the edge of your roof to clean out the gutters. Yes, that daunting job that nobody wants to do and it usually gets put off until later, and then it’s too late....

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