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Common Reasons You Have Earwigs In Your Home

If you have ever seen an earwig you're not likely to forget how creepy they look. Seemingly designed to terrify, the pincer-like forceps on the end of their abdomen look like they could cause a powerful pinch, but they actually aren’t strong enough to hurt a human. Rather, they are used by earwigs to protect themselves from other insects or t...

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Preventing House Centipedes This Spring

Here we go again. We're entering into spring, and all the critters that live in our yards are coming back to life. One of those critters is the centipede. If you'd prefer them to stay outside, we have a couple of suggestions that will help....

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Is Premium Care For You?

Even though spring 2017 arrived just a few weeks ago on the calendar, it may seem as though it arrived a lot longer ago. The mild winter not only helped snow banks to melt faster, but it also allowed pests to awaken earlier or to remain active throughout the winter months. This means that you may already be struggling with pests in your home. Ants, for example, have already begun their annual p...

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Do I Really Need Pest Control In Winter?

It can feel like bugs have gone south for the winter but, the truth is, those bugs don't go anywhere. The reason we don't see as many bugs in the winter has to do with the way cold weather affects cold-blooded creatures....

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Uncovering Pests In Real Estate Inspections

Buying or selling a home is an exciting time. For sellers, it’s a moving on. For buyers, it’s an exciting milestone. For both, however, pests can put a kink in the plans. Every home sale and purchase requires a real estate inspection, but it’s not looking for pests. Home sale and purchases require more than a structural inspection. It is important to uncover pests in real esta...

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Centipedes: Scary For Sure, But Dangerous?

You have to admit that centipedes are creepy. Maybe it’s because of their odd coloring, or perhaps it is because of all those tiny legs that can move and wriggle in all directions at once, or maybe it is the fact that they squirm and worm like a snake, or perhaps it is all of the above. When you sit and look at a centipede, it is hard to decide if they bother you because they can resemble...

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Don’t Let Rodents Take Over Your Home

Mice and other rodents look for any shelter that will keep them warm in the winter and provide a source of food. Houses of any size, whether clean or dirty, are a prime target for these little creatures. If you haven’t rodent-proofed your home, you could find yourself the victim of a rodent take-over! Once inside, mice can quickly multiply and cause expensive damages to the structure of y...

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Why Do I Have Springtails?

We're going to assume that you already know what a springtail is, since you're checking out this article titled, "Why do I have springtails." Our focus is going to be to establish what conditions that may have caused this tiny, annoying pest to enter your home by the hundreds or even thousands, and explain how reducing these conditions can actually deter them from continuing to come in. Read th...

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It's That Time Again... Clover Mite Season

Clover mites are not destroyers of property or belongings nor do they pose a danger to human health. However, this tiny nuisance pest can become a problem when invading homes, medical facilities, and other places of business. They do not live long inside but will create a real annoyance with cosmetic issues from red stains when the clover mites are crushed. ...

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Are These Fleas Or Springtails?

When the weather outside is rainy, then it turns dry, this is the perfect storm to be invaded by springtails. First, the rain allows for rapid reproduction. Then, the dry conditions drive them inside to find moisture. If you are seeing tiny jumping critters in your home, they may not necessarily be springtails. They might be fleas. But, how can you tell the difference? ...

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