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Do Termites Take The Winter off?

In some parts of the world termites are called "white ants" because they look a lot like ants; however, they are not related to ants in any way. They are actually of the same order as the cockroach--but they are quite similar to ants, bees, and wasps in the way that they work. They divide their work among different classes and castes. Termites come in over 3,000 different species and live in co...

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Is Your House Becoming A Haunted House?

Imagine getting ready to jump in the shower. You turn on the water, let it get hot, then pull the curtain aside and step in, only to turn around and see a 6-inch-long snake-like thing with a multitude of legs winding its way quickly toward you. Can you say, freaked out?! Who needs haunted houses when you have real life horror in your own home? If you are encountering centipedes in your Kansas h...

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Moles Vs Gophers: What's In Your Yard?

You may be thinking that you're about to get an epic article about which of these two animals would win in a fight, but let's face it, those moles wouldn't really have a chance. Your average gopher is bigger, stockier and--what was the other thing? Oh yeah, not blind. If these two creatures were to face down in a MMA fight, the mole wouldn't know what hit it. So, rather than bore you with that,...

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How Mosquitoes Bite

Of all the pests that invade our space and become a nuisance, cause discomfort, spread disease and even bring the threat of death, the mosquito is undoubtedly the most well known. And yet, as well known as it is, there is so much that is not known.  ...

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Do You Know How To Get Rid Of Ants In The House?

The Topeka pest control pros at Schendel would like to address the issue of ants in your house. With spring finally here, homes throughout Topeka, Kansas City and other areas in our region are sure to be dealing with ants again sometime soon. Why are there coming into your home? Ants are hungry! With the warmer days we are starting to experience, ants are going to start finding their way indoor...

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Kansas City Pest Control Pros On Cockroaches In The Home

Do you remember the movie Joe’s Apartment? Ok, so we guess it wasn’t very memorable. A movie from the mid-90s about a guy befriending the thousands of cockroaches (that sing and dance) inside his home isn’t especially Oscar®-worthy. But it brings up a good point that we’d like to mention: cockroaches like people. They like us a lot. They like the food that we eat and...

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Termites Threaten Kansas Homes And Businesses This Spring

Perhaps one the biggest threats to the structural integrity of your Kansas home or business is an infestation of termites. These wood destroying pests are found across the country and while they are great decomposers in our forests, they will also attempt to feast on your home given the opportunity. With the spring season at our feet, now is the time when termite colonies in Kansas City, Topeka...

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Bed Bug In Kansas Infest Hotels And Unlikely Places

For the past few years much of the media’s coverage of bed bugs has been surrounding infestations in hotel rooms. But in reality, bed bugs have moved far beyond hotels in Kansas and surrounding areas. It is not uncommon to find bed bugs in your everyday life since these blood sucking pests have become so deeply embedded in cities across the country and right here in our own backyard. Alth...

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We're Getting Social!

Well, we have been social for a long time in regards to our friendly pest control professionals and support staff.  But now we are also on Facebook which makes it even easier to connect with you!...

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