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How To Protect Your Lawn From Moles

Throughout the year many of us will invest a lot of time into our lawns. Cutting the grass to a perfect height, ensuring that it grows abundantly and beautifully, arranging ornaments accordingly, watering, cutting and seeding as necessary. Keeping a lawn in good shape is hard work and watching it get destroyed would be devastating. Did you know that moles alone can do exactly that? Capable of r...

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Problems Moles Cause

Moles are a species of lawn damaging pest that you will almost never make eye contact with, but whose damages have the ability to bring tears to your eyes....

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Why DIY Mole Control Often Fails

Every morning you pour yourself a cup of coffee, go to your front window, open the curtains, and look at your beautifully manicured yard. Then one morning you notice a small horseshoe shaped mound of dirt. Okay, no big deal; but over time you notice that when looking out your front window in the morning, you are no longer looking at a well-manicured lawn. You are looking at a yard you don&rsquo...

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Signs Of Mole Activity

Moles are a sign of beauty, right? That's why they are called beauty marks. But unfortunately, not all moles are created equal. We are talking here about the kind of moles that invade your landscape. These moles cause everything BUT beauty to happen to your property. In fact, if left unchecked, moles can cause your lawn and gardens to look downright ugly....

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How To Get Rid Of Moles In Topeka

If you've lived in the Topeka area for any length of time, it is likely you are familiar with the problems moles can cause. These are frustrating critters to get rid of because you very rarely actually ever see them, seeing only the destruction they leave behind as they dig for snails, grubs, worms, and other food sources....

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Moles And Lawn Destruction

This is such a great time of year. Flowers are in bloom, the kids are out of school, vacation plans are in place, and your lawn is gleaming; but even in this perfect season there is one chore that never ends – caring for your lawn! So much maintenance goes into keeping a lawn fresh, green, and the perfect length. You may even put a lot of time, money, and effort into keeping your lawn in ...

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